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Armor-Edge® All Steel Joint Assembly

Armored joint assembly for quick installation and consecutive placement in new construction.

Ensure smooth surface transitions, protect edges and eliminate spalled joints in your concrete flatwork with the Armor-Edge® All Steel Joint Assembly. Job-site ready for immediate installation, armored joint assemblies allow you to accelerate construction schedules – no fabrication, welding or grinding necessary at the project site. Long-term, you save labor and realize cost savings attributed to reduced floor maintenance and lift-truck traffic repairs. Armor-Edge® joint assemblies are ideal for designs where construction joints are expected to open more than 1/8” (3mm). PNA’s armored joint assemblies minimize cracking and allow joints to activate freely without restraint.

Armor-Edge® joint assembly is a superior edge protection system for high-traffic areas, coldstorage freezer buildings and jointless floor designs.

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