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Joint Protection | Key Topics

Certain construction environments require long-term edge protection for construction joints to protect slabs, pavements and equipment from joint spalling. Armored joints are ideal permanent edge protection in facilities with heavy loads, high traffic and in freezer/cold storage buildings.

Permanent edge protection is required for slab and pavement designs when construction joints are expected to open more than 1/8 inch (3 mm), including the following project types:

  • Shrinkage-compensating concrete
  • Post-tensioned concrete
  • Steel reinforcement in dosages > 0.5 percent by cross-sectional area
  • High Volume Synthetic Fibers

Another option for joint protection at contraction joints is semi-rigid joint filler, depending on the joint width opening. Joint filler must be filled full-depth and properly maintained throughout the life of the slab.

For more information on permanent edge protection see Armor-Edge® joint assemblies.

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