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Armor-Edge® Joint Assembly Series

Armored joint assemblies for spall-free construction joints.

Ensure smooth surface transitions, protect edges and eliminate spalled joints in your concrete slabs with PNA Armor-Edge® joint assemblies. Job-site ready for immediate installation, the fully aligned, cold-rolled steel bar joint assemblies ensure spall-free joints and accelerate construction schedules by eliminating on-site fabrication.

Long-term you realize cost savings related to slab maintenance, lift-truck traffic repairs and facility downtime. Armor-Edge® joint assemblies are ideal for concrete flatwork designs where construction joints are expected to open more than 1/8” (3mm). The joint assemblies minimize cracking and the joint activates freely without restraint.

Recommended for interior and exterior concrete flatwork designed to concentrate concrete shrinkage at the construction joints:

  • Continuously reinforced
  • Fiber (steel or macro) reinforced
  • Shrinkage-compensating
  • Post-tensioned

Armor-Edge® joint assembly options:

New Construction



For use on wood formwork
armor-edge all-steel-joint

Armor-Edge® All Steel Joint

With leave-in-place formwork

Expansion & Repair

armor-edge n2e

Armor-Edge® n2e

For new-to-existing applications