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Wet Curing | Key Topics

After concrete placement, proper curing is the next critical factor for achieving a high quality slab or pavement that meets your established performance criteria. Wet curing methods deliver optimal concrete hydration at an affordable price. HydraCure™ covers ensure a controlled curing environment to achieve better surface hardness and abrasion resistance.

Optimal curing slows evaporation of moisture and diminishes early carbonation of the slab surface that can compromise slab surface integrity and lead to long-term issues. Providing a uniform and controlled curing environment allows moisture to stay on the slab surface and provide complete hydration of the cement. Insufficient curing can lead to slab imperfections such as crazing, cracking, dusting, scaling and popouts.

Normally, you can expect your concrete to cure within seven days; however, the duration can vary depending on the method, temperatures, humidity and type of cement. It is important to start the process as soon as finishing/saw cutting operations are completed to prevent surface drying.

The most effective methods are continuous moist-curing, especially in hot-weather conditions. Caution is recommended during cold weather below 40 degrees Fahrenheit where insulation is not typically sufficient to protect the slab; and concrete saturated with water is vulnerable to freezing.

HydraCure™ S16 Product Data Sheet