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HydraCure Covers


HydraCure™ S16 wet curing covers improve slab appearance and abrasion resistance.

You know appearance is critical for your next flatwork project, so choose HydraCure™ covers for optimal hydration at an affordable price. HydraCure™ moisture curing covers help you ensure a gradual, uniform and controlled concrete flatwork. Made from inorganic materials, HydraCure™ covers deliver a residue and stain-free slab, provide effortless handling and are water-resistant during storage.

Comprised of non-woven fabrics coated with a white-pigmented polyethylene film, the fabric traps and retains water to provide a 100 percent humidity condition below the cover providing a uniformed cure. The white UV-resistant film also reflects the sun’s heat away from the slab surface, preventing excessive heat buildup and ensuring optimal drying rates.

Recommended for curing.

  • Standard slabs
  • Indoor or outdoor environments
  • Slabs using surface treatment applications
  • Premium slabs such as shrinkage compensating concrete
  • Paving projects

HydraCure™ S16

HydraCure™ S16 covers are the most effective single-use wet curing cover. The roll width of 10.5 feet (31.5 meters) provides more than a six percent material savings per two feet (0.6 meters) of roll width and minimizes installation time.


Ideal for a range of weather conditions, HydraCure™ covers provide optimal hydration for proper curing.

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