PD3 Basket® Assembly


Tapered plate dowel baskets for saw-cut contraction joints.

Achieve superior load transfer while optimizing the amount of steel in your next concrete flatwork project using the PD3 Basket® assembly in a Strategic Reinforcement Design. Your concrete flatwork will withstand repetitious, concentrated loads with the superior joint stability and positive load transfer provided by the PD3 Basket® assembly.

The proven tapered-plate geometry minimizes joint spalling, eliminates restraint, reduces bearing stresses and provides generous construction tolerances to allow for misalignment. As a result, you deliver more serviceable saw-cut contraction joints and joint stability measurements of .01 inches (.25mm). Long-term costs are reduced with a continuity of surface profile that eliminates tripping hazards and improves joint filler or sealer performance.

Recommended for saw-cut contraction joints in:

  • Concrete slabs on grade
  • Concrete pavement
  • Concrete flatwork exposed to pedestrian traffic

The PD3 Basket® assembly, used with the Diamond Dowel® System in a Strategic Reinforcement Design, provides superior load transfer, optimizes steel and delivers highly serviceable slabs and pavements.

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