Square Dowels


Conventional baskets, dowels, aligners and clips.

Square Dowel Basket Assemblies

Square dowel basket assemblies used in conjunction with the Diamond Dowel® System are ideal for concrete flatwork subject to pedestrian foot traffic, helping you achieve surface profile continuity and reduce tripping hazards.

New Construction:

PNA Square dowels, Square Dowel Clips™ and Dowel Aligners are recommended for transitions where the existing slab depth is 6 inches more than the new slab. For example, a 12 inch slab connecting to a new placement with a slab depth of 6 inches. This provides less negative force on both concrete slabs.

The Armor-Edge® n2e joint assembly is recommended for doweling between an existing concrete slab and a new slab placement and includes PNA square dowels and Square Dowel Clips™.

Construction joints using the Armor-Edge® n2e joint assembly:

  • Transitions from new to existing concrete slabs.
  • Expansions and repairs of freezer/cold storage buildings, new door openings and other demanding environments with repetitive forklift traffic.

Recommended Alternatives:

By choosing PNA plate dowels systems instead of conventional dowels you can realize a real competitive advantage. The PD3 Basket® assembly and Diamond Dowel® System are engineered to reliably provide joint stability, positive load transfer and continuity of surface profile. Together, the PD3 Basket® assembly and Diamond Dowel® System optimize steel, are easier to install and are more cost-efficient than conventional dowels, resulting in labor and cost savings for you.

Recommended use for square dowel basket assemblies:

  • Concrete flatwork exposed to pedestrian traffic
  • Saw-cut contraction joints in shallow placements not subject to hard wheeled traffic

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