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Deliver serviceable concrete flatwork and reduce callbacks to improve profitability with PNA systems and designs

You want to win projects, reduce callbacks and collect your retainage. Gain a competitive edge with PNA systems in your next bid by lowering material and labor costs. You will improve your project profitability and deliver long-term performance.

Strategic placement of steel and materials in concrete flatwork lowers project costs by reducing the amount of steel and making installation more efficient. By eliminating continuous reinforcement and/or extending your joint spacing, a Strategic Reinforced Design can help you lower bid costs. You accelerate speed of construction for concrete flatwork and increase construction tolerances; requiring fewer and less skilled man hours. You also can minimize worker compensation claims by reducing job site tripping hazards.

Improving concrete flatwork performance directly increases your profitability by limiting project liability, reducing call backs and safeguarding your retainage.

Where to Require PNA systems in your next project:

Gain a competitive advantage today. PNA can provide submittals/and quotes for delivering more cost-effective concrete flatwork on your next project.