Nominal Joint Design

Most slab-on-ground designs are dictated by how the facility will be used and aesthetic requirements. If your specialized equipment or environment dictates that your floor have a minimal number of joints, the Nominal Joint Design is a reliable, easily constructible and cost-effective option to reduce the number of saw-cut contraction joints while delivering a high-performance floor.

The Nominal Joint Design extends joint spacing by combining macro synthetic fibers, for crack-width control, with PNA tapered plate dowels for joint stability, and PNA wet curing covers for improved abrasion resistance.

Ideal project types for the Nominal Joint Design

  • High speed traffic aisles
  • Food processing facilities
  • High-impact machinery foundations
  • Pavements with track vehicles
  • Demand for increase fatigue resistance

The Nominal Joint Design provides fewer saw-cut contraction joints by extending joint spacing while improving floor functionality with three key elements.

Macro Synthetic Fibers - Throughout the concrete panel, macro synthetic fibers control crack width and increase fatigue resistance.  

Tapered Plate Dowels - PNA tapered plate dowels are used at all the joints to provide load transfer and joint stability. Tapered plate dowels improve long-term aesthetics and functionality by minimizing random cracking and joint spalling. The Diamond Dowel® System is used at formed construction joints and PD3 Basket® assembly at saw-cut contraction joints.

Curing Covers - HydraCure™ wet curing covers ensure even hydration and an optimal curing environment to improve abrasion resistance.

The Nominal Joint Design

  • Proven and valid design to extend joint spacing
  • Replicable across a range of environments
  • Cost-effective compared to comparable joint reduction design methods
  • Reduces potential joint maintenance costs and facility down time
  • Prevents aesthetic and maintenance concerns from random cracks by controlling crack-width/increasing post-crack strength

The Nominal Joint Design combines the Diamond Dowel® System and PD3 Basket® assembly to provide positive load transfer and joint stability with macro synthetic fibers. Adding HydraCure™ curing covers optimizes durability and improves abrasion resistance.