Why Use Plate Dowels | Key Topics

Tapered plate dowels are the only concrete flatwork construction systems designed to provide the established industry guideline for acceptable joint stability of .01 inch for slab on ground applications and proper load transfer is critical for achieving such a small joint stability value in both construction and contraction joints. Plate dowel systems are well suited for many concrete flatwork designs and deliver reliable, maintenance-free and serviceable concrete flatwork. In the Strategic Reinforcement Design, plate dowels are designed to optimize steel, reduce labor and material cost, minimize joint spalling and cracking – all while delivering superior joint stability.

Plate dowels offer five main benefits:

  • Joint activation and minimized cracking
  • Material optimization and savings
  • Construction efficiencies and tolerances
  • Reduced long-term maintenance costs
  • Superior joint stability

When you use a plate dowel system, such as the Diamond Dowel® System, PD3 Basket® assembly or CoVex® series, you will find the plate dowels:

  • Allow free horizontal slab movement both parallel and perpendicular to the joint; eliminating restraint
  • Minimize stress concentrations on the slab and the dowel that can lead to joint spalling and random cracking
  • Increase load bearing capacity of the slab by eliminating the free-edge condition
  • Are an efficient use of materials (using steel only where you need it)
  • Are cost effective
  • Are easier to place, providing labor savings

Plate dowel applications: