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Achieve smart concrete paving design with PNA systems to reduce initial project costs, speed construction and mitigate long-term facility productivity, aesthetic and maintenance issues.

Incorporating PNA systems into your next project can reduce initial capital costs while gaining the highly durable, aesthetically optimal exterior concrete paving you desire to support long-term profitability. 

Engineered to meet exacting tolerances and yield proven performance, PNA systems ensure long-term joint stability for various facility demands, exterior paving applications and future expansions. When your concrete flatwork has true joint stability, you realize cost savings related to slab maintenance and facility downtime.

Recommended Project Types

  • Commercial/retail projects – interiors, parking lots, loading docks and odd-shaped panels 
  • Intermodal facilities – roads
  • Industrial paving
  • Manufacturing facilities – interiors and exterior paving
  • Warehouse/distribution facilities – interior and exterior with heavy truck traffic

Design Benefits

  • Manages joints to prevent maintenance and repair costs
  • Simpler design allows for a consistent, replicable design across multiple environments and project types
  • Ease of construction allows simple installation by many contractor types

Where to specify PNA Systems in your next project:

Focus on the performance of your business not your concrete flatwork.