Design Builders | Concrete Pavements

Help your clients achieve premium curb appeal for their exterior concrete. PNA systems and designs allow you to offer a replicable prototype for consistent results across the country while also streamlining construction and achieving project scalability.

With PNA systems and designs in your next bid, you can reliably deliver durable, cost effective exterior concrete pavements incorporating the Strategic Reinforcement Design in your next project provides a consistent standard across the country and for various environments and subcontractors.

Recommended Project Types

  • Commercial/retail projects – parking lots and loading docks
  • Intermodal facilities
  • Manufacturing facilities – exterior paving
  • Warehouse/distribution facilities

Design Benefits

  • Simplified design optimizes materials making concrete paving affordable
  • Ease of construction allows simple installation by the same contractor for interior and exterior
  • Simple prototype can be consistently replicated across environments with different subcontractors
  • Manage joints to minimize mid-panel cracking, improve fatigue resistance and improve wearing surface while lowering repair and maintenance costs

Where to specify PNA Systems in your next project:

PNA systems are engineered to meet exacting tolerances and yield proven performance. Our systems ensure long-term joint stability for various exterior paving applications.