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Your customers demand premium curb appeal for their retail and industrial concrete paving projects. PNA systems and designs address real-world construction issues, improve project profitability and deliver durable, serviceable concrete paving.

You want to win projects, reduce call backs and collect your retainage. Gain a competitive edge with PNA systems in your next bid by lowering material and labor costs. Many concrete contractors can expand project scope by offering interior and exterior concrete flatwork on the same project.

PNA’s Strategic Reinforcement Design allows for concrete paving for longitudinal and transverse joints using 3-D laser screeds and slip-form pavers. The strategic placement of steel and materials in concrete flatwork optimizes materials and accelerates speed of construction. The reliable installation of PNA systems and designs provides ample construction tolerances; requiring fewer and less skilled man hours. And, the simplified design, allows a range of contractors to easily and consistently install a variety of concrete paving applications.

Recommended Project Types

  • Commercial/retail projects – parking lots, loading docks and odd-shaped panels
  • Intermodal facilities - roads
  • Industrial paving - standard, unique traffic patterns, special sizes/shapes and roundabouts
  • Manufacturing facilities – exterior paving
  • Warehouse/distribution facilities

Design Benefits

  • Manages joints to prevent maintenance and repair costs.
  • Simple design allows for a consistent, replicable design across multiple environments and project types.
  • Allows simple installation by many contractor types with 3-D Laser Screeds or slip-form pavers.

Where to Require PNA Systems In Your Next Project:

Formed construction and contraction joints in concrete flatwork.

Diamond Dowel® System and PD3 Basket® Assembly
  • Accelerate construction schedules.
  • Construct reliably and efficiently.
  • Lower costs with material and labor savings.
  • Collect retainage with minimized random cracking and joint edge spalling.
  • Reduce call backs by providing joint stability per industry guides of less than .01 inches of differential deflection through positive load transfer.
  • Minimize out-of-joint cracking.

Edge protection for high-traffic areas, freezer buildings and floor designs where the construction joints are expected to open more than 1/8 inch.

Armor-Edge® Joint Assembly
  • Accelerate construction schedules.
  • Ease of installation.
  • Deliver spall-free construction joints.
  • Provide joint edge protection.
  • Minimize out-of-joint cracking.

Gradual, uniform and controlled curing environments for durable slab surfaces.

HydraCure™ Moisture Cure Covers
  • Provide effortless handling and placement.
  • Conserves materials and reduces installation time.
  • Yield residue- and stain-free pavements.
  • Compatible with surface treatments.
  • Reduce cracking, crazing, scaling, dusting and pop-outs.
Gain a competitive advantage today with simple, consistent installation and reliable results. PNA can provide submittals, quotes and just-in-time delivery support for concrete paving on your next project.