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Deliver the exceptional curb appeal your clients seek with exterior concrete paving. Choose PNA systems for reliable, proven results your customers want in their next project.

Your reputation is built on innovation and collaboration.  PNA can help with your next project, giving you options to customize specifications and differentiate your exterior concrete paving designs. As your resource, PNA tailors our proven, innovative systems for your project demands for exterior paving applications with two-directional doweling.

PNA systems make exterior concrete pavement applications more affordable with the Strategic Reinforcement Design to optimize materials and allow implementation by various types of concrete contractors.  

Recommended Project Types

  • Commercial/retail projects – parking lots, loading docks and odd-shaped panels 
  • Intermodal facilities – roads
  • Industrial paving
  • Manufacturing facilities – exterior paving
  • Warehouse/distribution facilities

Design Benefits

  • Manages joints to prevent maintenance and repair costs
  • Simple design allows for a consistent, replicable design across multiple environments and project types
  • Ease of construction opens bidding to more contractors and allows simple installation by many contractor types

Where to specify PNA systems in your next project:

Value-engineering with the premium slab aesthetics and functionality your customers expect from industrial concrete paving.