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Owner Occupier | Concrete Floor Slabs

Achieve a reliable and replicable prototype with a smart concrete flatwork design to reduce initial project costs, speed construction and mitigate long-term facility productivity and maintenance issues.

Your concrete flatwork is the working platform for your facility. Over time deteriorating slabs can dramatically affect your day-to-day operations, equipment costs and profitability. Incorporating PNA systems into your next project can reduce initial capital costs while gaining the highly durable concrete flatwork to support long-term profitability.

A reliable concrete flatwork design incorporating true joint stability will provide reliable results and improve key operating metrics. You realize long-term cost savings related to replicable project design, slab/equipment maintenance and facility down time.

Where to Specify PNA Systems In Your Next Project:

Formed construction and contraction joints in concrete flatwork.

The Diamond Dowel® System and PD3 Basket® Assembly are included in the Strategic Reinforcement Design.
  • Lower initial building costs with material and labor savings.
  • Increase load bearing capacity.
  • Improve equipment performance.
  • Reduce equipment maintenance costs and downtime.
  • Minimize random cracks.
  • Deliver joint stability per industry guides of less than .01 inch differential deflection to reduce joint edge spalling.

Edge protection for high-traffic areas, freezer buildings and floor designs where the construction joints are expected to open more than 1/8 inch.

Armor-Edge® Joint Assembly - armored joints to deliver spall-free construction joints for minimal long-term slab and lift truck maintenance cost.
  • Ensure complete joint edge protection.
  • Spall-free construction joints for the life of the floor.
  • Provide smooth surface transitions.
  • Allow joint activation without restraint, minimizing cracking.

Gradual, uniform and controlled curing environments for durable slab surfaces.

HydraCure™ Moisture Cure Covers - wet curing covers to improve slab appearance and abrasion resistance.
  • Diminishes cracking, crazing, scaling, dusting and pop-outs.
  • Provides optimal hydration and drying rates.
  • Reduce concrete permeability.
  • Compatible with surface treatments and gloss or polishing processes.
  • Slabs are residue and stain-free.
Focus on the performance of your business not your concrete flatwork. Engineered to yield proven performance, PNA systems ensure long-term joint stability for various facility demands, exterior paving applications and future expansion.