Warrantied Design-Build Solution

for Industrial Pavements

PNA Construction Technologies’ Design-Build Pavement System integrates custom engineering services and design tools with commercial concrete construction for quality control and cost savings.



Concrete Pavement Experts

When you need advanced engineering and design services for industrial and commercial concrete pavements, turn to PNA Construction Technologies. Our credentialed flatwork  engineers use the latest engineering advances and design technology to optimize flatwork performance while minimizing construction and lifecycle costs.



World-Class Partners

PNA partners with industry-leading concrete contractors across the United States and Canada to create a design-build framework that ensures the highest-quality results and on-time project delivery. Our Design-Build Pavement System comes with a standard three-year warranty for  pavements. 

Our Design-Build Pavement System is ideal for heavy traffic and high-load conditions.

  • Logistics facilities
  • Distribution centers
  • Warehouses
  • Intermodal freight depots
  • Commercial/manufacturing facilities
  • Warehouse-style retail outlets

Customized Solutions

Our Design-Build Pavement System is uniquely tailored to each project. Our engineers use proprietary tools and technologies to optimize designs, taking the following into account:



Usage Expectations


Performance Goals


Site Conditions


Budget Constraints


Owner Specifications

Precision That Counts

PNA Construction Technologies eliminates the guesswork from pavement engineering and design.

Our Engineering Approach:

Takes into account design inputs and variables to reduce risk
Employs advanced modeling that is calibrated with real-world testing
Uses third-party licensed engineers to review and stamp designs
Optimizes concrete mix and materials to enhance performance
Works closely with contractors to ensure constructability and compliance with design intent

Begin With PNA.
End With Success.


Our high-performance pavement solutions produce smooth, flat, level surfaces that are long-lasting.

Reduced cracking, faulting, spalling and loose or rocking joints.

Reduced risk of accidents, injury and product damage.

Increased operational efficiency and productivity.

Cut Costs – Not Quality


Our designs comply with and improve upon the latest industry standards, such as ACI 330.2R-17  “Guide for the Design and Construction of Concrete Site Paving for Industrial and Trucking Facilities”  and ACI 325 “Guide for Construction of Pavements.”   
By optimizing beyond these standards, PNA can design pavements with highly competitive construction costs. The savings extend beyond first cost, with pavement that has low maintenance and repair costs and  a long service life.
Count on PNA to engineer the most reliable platform for your operations at the lowest ownership cost


Guaranteed Results


PNA Construction Technologies delivers results that last. Our Design-Build Pavement System comes with  a standard three-year warranty for pavements, covering design, construction and materials.