Pedestrian Traffic Design

The functional slab design elements are the most critical to long-term slab aesthetics and safety.  Joint instability, cracking and differential deflection of slab panels can easily turn into tripping hazards and pose long-term liability, safety and maintenance costs.

Sample Pedestrian Walkway Project Types

  • Retail environments – indoor and outdoor
  • Municipal facilities such as schools and prisons
  • Outdoor decorative concrete flatwork – commercial and industrial exteriors
  • Special events and outdoor venues

The Pedestrian Traffic Design provides joint stability, the key to maintaining smooth slab to slab transitions, and prevents tripping hazards throughout the life of the slab. The design components are:

  • The Diamond Dowel® System at construction joints for surface profile continuity and limiting differential deflection of slab panels prevents tripping hazards and reduces long-term liability and maintenance costs.
  • The ½ inch (12mm) square dowel basket assemblies to limit differential deflection at saw-cut contraction joints.
  • HydraCure™ wet curing covers to provide proper curing and achieve desired aesthetic appeal. PNA single-use curing covers provide an optimal curing environment to improve abrasion resistance, concrete strength/durability and reduce permeability.


  • Minimizes random cracking for ideal aesthetics
  • Stabilizes joints for surface profile continuity to minimize tripping hazards
  • Allows joint activation and free horizontal movement between joints
  • Enables easy subgrade correction prior to and during installation which is critical for thinner sections.

The Pedestrian Traffic Design combines the Diamond Dowel® System and PNA square dowel assembly for surface profile continuity and to limit differential deflection. Adding HydraCure™ curing covers improves concrete strength and abrasion resistance.