Civil Engineers | Concrete Pavements

Mitigate your project risk, maximize constructability of your design and optimize project costs with PNA systems for maximum paving appearance and durability.

PNA’s proven systems help you deliver affordable, durable and highly serviceable concrete paving. Based on published engineering, PNA systems meet exacting tolerances to ensure long-term joint stability for exterior paving applications resulting in long-lasting curb appeal, low maintenance costs and serviceability.

PNA’s Strategic Reinforcement Design optimizes steel and materials in concrete flatwork to reduce the amount of steel in the project while improving flatwork performance. Simple, consistent installation methods and easy subgrade correction ensure long-term performance while minimizing mid-panel cracking and joint deterioration.

Recommended Project Types

  • Commercial/retail projects – parking lots, loading docks and odd-shaped panels 
  • Intermodal facilities – roads
  • Industrial paving
  • Manufacturing facilities – exterior paving
  • Warehouse/distribution facilities

Design Benefits

  • Simple design and installation allows for a consistent, replicable design prototype across the county and various project types
  • Smooth ride measured in load transfer efficiency
  • Manages joints and the natural behavior of concrete to prevent maintenance and repair costs

Where to specify PNA systems in your next project:

PNA can streamline your next flatwork project with published engineering, submittals and replicable specifications for concrete flatwork projects.