Structural Engineers | Concrete Floor Slabs

Simplify the design process and maximize constructability of your design

PNA’s proven systems help you deliver a durable, reliable and highly serviceable slab. Based on published engineering, PNA tapered plate dowel systems meet exacting tolerances to ensure long-term joint stability for concrete slabs and paving applications. We can provide recommendations for the size and spacing of PNA's plate dowel systems to deliver the industry standard for performance criteria of less than .01 inch (.25mm) of differential deflection across construction and contraction joints.

Strategic placement of steel and materials in concrete flatwork reduces the amount of steel of the project while improving flatwork performance. By eliminating continuous reinforcement and/or extending your joint spacing with PNA systems you can deliver more cost-effective concrete flatwork.

Where to specify PNA systems in your next project:

PNA can streamline your next flatwork project with published engineering, submittals and replicable specifications for concrete flatwork projects.