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PNA Round Dowels, Square Dowels and Square Dowel Clips™

PNA manufactures round and square dowels for load transfer. PNA's square dowels and Square Dowel Clips™ are used with great effect when doweling between an existing concrete slab and a new slab placement. Holes can be drilled into the existing slab to allow for the square dowels to be epoxy grouted in place. The Square Dowel Clips™ cover the half of the dowel that extends into the new cast. The compressible foam enables the new slab to shrink and move freely without causing tensile stresses and random cracking in the new slab cast while still providing proper load transfer. The correct use of square dowels and Square Dowel Clips™ in the joint transitioning from a new to existing slab is shown in the Armor-Edge® n2e joint assembly section of this site.

PNA Dowel Aligners

PNA's dowel aligner is a simple plastic component used to maintain the correct alignment of round or square dowels. An oversized hole is drilled in the form and the dowel aligner is pushed into the hole then nailed (duplex nails work best) securely to the form. The dowel is inserted and held securely by the dowel aligner during all concreting procedures. The nails can be pulled and the dowel aligner removed to facilitate form removal. The oversized hole in the form around the dowel allows the form to be removed without spinning and pulling the dowels. This in turn prevents the cone shaped void that is created by the spinning of, and removal of, dowels prior to stripping forms.

Dowel size and spacing for construction and saw-cut contraction joints

Source Material: ACI 360R-06, Design of Slabs-on-Ground, Tables 5.1 & 5.2; ACI 302.IR-04, Guide for Concrete Floor and Slab Construction, Tables 3.1 & 3.2
* Total dowel length includes allowance made for joint opening and minor errors in positioning dowels
** Rectangular plates are typically used in saw-cut contraction joints
*** Construction tolerances required make it impractical to use diamond-shaped load plates in saw-cut contraction joints
Note: Table values based on maximum opening of 0.20 in.(mm). Dowels must be carefully aligned and supported during concrete operations. Misaligned dowels may lead to cracking.